Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lying low

I've been lying low, skulking (but not sulking).

My internet connection was lost for about six weeks, I overlooked a telephone bill, was disconnected, then the contract was cancelled, and I had to rebuild the connection all over again. It's a long boring story.

I have allowed my self to get into a situation where I felt pulled hither and thither. This was more a feeling than a fact, but it makes not much difference. I have taken time out, skulking, lying low and reconnecting with what seems important. I realise it's all relative anyway, but the part of me that that thrashes around in relative reality knew that I was losing touch with family, friends, responsibilities at work and at home, and needed to reconnect.

I missed the first of a series of Trust supporter meetings at Friends House, and it went ahead anyway. I've not had much feedback on it except that those who turned up took the view that they wanted a meeting that was 'open to the emergent' (as I think the saying goes) rather than something predesigned and overly structured. For those interested, the meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month (through May 2009) from 1330 at Friends House, Euston Road, almost opposite Euston station. Nothing to pay, no need to register or anything, just come along.

I read somewhere that the best-run and most effective organisations don't hold meetings, at least they don't hold meetings that work to an agenda and reach decisions. Mainly because the decisions taken at such meetings are pretty meaningless, and don't get implemented anyway. And nobody cares one way or another, except that everybody hates meetings, except the people that enjoy them, and everbody hates those chaps too (they are usually men).

The Trust recently received a donation of £1,000, and we are very grateful for it.

There will be more posts in due course, the blog is still alive.

The image above was delivered to you by courtsesy of Google images, and it is titled "skulking", and it says it better than words. Isn't Google fabulous?