Friday, July 8, 2011


This blog no longer has legitimacy, because - as mentioned in my last posting - I've resigned as chairman, and having given up my trusteeship, I have no official standing with the Trust, and I'm not likely to have any future involvement in its affairs, unless my counsel or advice is sought on any matter, in which case I shall offer it; or unless my services are required to carry out some exercise or other, in which case I shall respond as circumstances allow. So this is my last post, to say farewell, after twenty-odd years, to an institution that has played an important part in my life, and absorbed some of my energies too.

I have no regrets about leaving, I've run my course, and it's time for me to go.

I wish the trustees well in whatever future undertakings they plan, and a fair wind to carry them in whatever direction thay steer their course. Although they must have a free hand to choose their own path and ways of working, I hope they keep the aims and purposes modest, the organisational structure loose and affiliative. I shall be glad if they continue on an inclusive and non-dogmatic path that allows and encourages wide personal interpretations of buddha-dharma; if the concept of unfettered spiritual friendship remains central to what is offered; and if the links to modern hospice principles and practices for end-of-life care are retained and occasionally refreshed.

I intend to continue my modest involvement as a healthcare chaplain in a few Essex hospitals and healthcare institutions, working in conjunction with Kalyana Mitra, the Buddhist Chaplaincy Support Group to establish an engaged Buddhist 'presence' across a wide chaplaincy 'front'; and I am urgently concerned - via Essex Mind & Spirit and Basildon Borough Forum of Faiths - to help address community health and welfare issues thrown up by the increasing alienation, dislocation, disbelief and deprivation amongst our people, especially the young, the poor, and the very old.

But for now, to my occasional followers, and to friends everywhere, I bid you all an affectionate "Good-bye!"