Monday, December 14, 2009

A Buddhist in Basildon Hospital (2)

Since I last posted William Ruddle has contacted me to arrange a meeting with him which occured ten days ago, in his office.

He told me that he had not received my letter as he had been away from work with an illness, and he was very concerned that I might have felt that he didn't care. He apologised for the delay in responding. I believed him and his explanation dissipated my concerns, which I acknowledged were unfounded and, I admit, unworthy. He was entitled to an apology from me, I thought, so I made one.

We talked generally about chaplaincy issues and Mr Ruddle shared some interesting information about local Trust policy and practice as it affected his ministry at Basildon, and that of his team. I hope I shall have an opportunity in future for further conversations with this priest, and to develop something of a collaborative relationship.

In line with my tendency to let posts stand I shan't delete the earlier entry I made, which does me little credit, but I hope that this puts the matter into perspective, and will restore any confidence in Mr Ruddle and his ministry at Basildon that I might have damaged.