Friday, June 29, 2007


My home computer crashed, failed, fanagued, gave up the ghost, and I'm waiting for a replacement. As I haven't regularly 'backed up' my data I've lost lots of - no, ALL of - my records and shall have to create new ones from scraps of dog-eared A4 in cardboard boxes, stuffed into drawers, under the stairs, and trodden in to the mess of stuff on the floor of my L-registered Ford estate. That's another story!

If you've written to the Trust recently for information, or offering your services as a volunteer, I've probably responded but perhaps incompletely, and I can only ask you to be patient, as I may have lost your address and telephone number, albeit not irretrievably, they're probably somewhere under that pile of........ oh, never mind.

Life goes on. The Inner Work School met for the last time earlier this month and a very jovial and inspirational meeting it was. Thanks to everyone who offered good wishes and contributed to the air of festivity: not a damp hanky in sight.

I'll resume the blogging as soon as maybe, probably within a couple of weeks from today. Has anyone noticed the change of piccie on the homepage? Any comments? As mentioned earlier, we tried to publish an image that wasn't too closely associated with a particular Buddhist tradition or school, in line with our unaffiliated and independent status, and the 'catholicity' of our volunteer base.

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