Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trust Supporter in McLeod Ganj

Lisa Sheehy is an oncology nurse from London and a recently enrolled supporter of the Trust, currently back-packing in Asia. I met Lisa at a meeting of the Inner Work School earlier this year, and was delighted by her enthusiasm for our work, and her willingness to join in it. I know I shouldn't fantasise, but I couldn't help praying that Lisa might help develop a special nursing interest group within our Trust, and she tells me in a recent email from (pictured) McLeod Ganj, near the Dalai Lama's seat in Dharamsala, that she is keen to get to work on our behalf on her return. An account of her journey has been written as a (limited circulation) blog, and she has had a hair-raising, stomach-churning and leech-infested time of it, described in very salty, down-to-earth terms, such as nurses prone to use (usually "behind the sluice-room door" as the saying goes).

Lisa tells us that she may pop in on the Dalai Lama, as no formal invitations are required at his frequent audiences.

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