Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Another long hiatus in the blog, possibly the longest yet, but a fruitful interval for me.

Bodhiprem Shapiro, one of our Trustees, wrote to me the other day. It was a warm, wise and rather sombre letter. He feared that the Trust was at risk of demise and made a number of tentative suggestions for recasting its future. As I was in a positive frame of mind (this is not always the case but there has been a shift) I was really delighted to have his opinions and suggestions. Bodhiprem, Mick Lewin, our Treasurer, and I have arranged to meet in early January to 'talk turkey'. We shall meet at the "Crown and Three Chairmen" in Soho, London, at or just after 5.00 pm on Wednesday 16th January. If you want to join the fun, just turn up. Cooperation is the colour of 2008. Positivity the perfume.

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