Friday, February 22, 2008

Trustees Meeting: Quiche, Fog, Versatility

A thumbnail sketch of the proceedings at Oakridge Towers last week, when the Trustees met:

We agreed unanimously to invite Jane Walden to trusteeship and, when she accepted the invitation, she was welcomed and confirmed as our newest Trustee. The Trustees are now eight in number, and Trust office-holders are unchanged.

We agreed the Chairman's draft arrangements for the two "Renewal and Reconnection" conferences to be held in June and July i.e. the venues are confirmed as Penny Brohn Centre, Bristol (June 7th 2008) and Friends Meeting House, Ealing, London (July 5th 2008). The trustees will meet on March 26 at 1.00 pm (Euston Road Friends Meeting House) for further detailed work on the programme of events. If you want to play a part in that meeting, please come along, no need to make an appointment!

We agreed in principle to constitute a formal Membership of the Trust, achieved by subscription. Members will be entitled to benefits and privileges, including (at a minimum) a newsletter, voting rights, and concessionary attendance at events that would otherwise attract a full attendance fee.

Viewing with some concern the dearth of contributions and/or donations to the trust's funds, we agreed to institute urgent fund-raising measures towards a balance of £10,000. The current balance of our accounts is in the region of £4,500. Receipts for the year 2006-2007 were.... well, take a guess for yourself by joining our poll opposite.

We ate delicious vegetable quiche (some Trustees ate baked beans with theirs), a tasty mixed salad with pine-nuts, seeds etc and some of us ate Stilton cheese and other goodies. We drank coffee and other beverages. Our cheerful and solicitous host was Bodhiprem.

The chairman left his headlights on at the foot of Oakridge Towers, having driven part of the way in fog. The result was a dead battery, but the Treasurer and Minute Secretary put their shoulders to the wheel, and bump-started the chairman's car without fuss like a couple of teenagers. Where else would one find find Trustees as versatile, as energetic, or as willing as this?

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