Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Buddhist Conflict Resolution

Someone introduced me recently to a newly created weblog devoted to Buddhism & Crisis Resolution and I found the introductory 'mission statement' of the authors persuasive enough for me to sign up to it:

"The guest authors conceived this weblog as a consequence of their personal difficulties in applying Buddhist principles in situations involving the resolution of conflict.

We aim for this weblog to be a source of guidance and inspiration for those people following the dharma who seek to resolve confict situations. Effective resolution is characterized by finding an agreement between two opposing ideas which engenders commitment, avoids harmful emotions and actions, and safeguards principles and relationship.

This weblog has been created to present material and information on conflict resolution from a Buddhist perspective. This is a new project that we have just started and so there is very little information on it at the moment."

As I read this, what sprang to my own mind at once was the knot of conflictual feelings generated in me by the recent UNICEF announcement about the unhappiness of British children (and inevitably, by association) the corresponding deep, impotent concern of their parents; for what parent, however feckless or ill-served by the skill and intelligence needed to parent adequately, would not at some level be aware of, and grieve over, that unhappiness? And agonise over how to mitigate it?

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