Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Monthly Meetings

Since 1991, Trust supporters and volunteers who live in and around London have gathered monthly for meetings of the Inner Work School, a peer-to-peer forum established by Ray Wills for the exploration of Buddhadharma in daily life, without the direction of an accredited Buddhist teacher or spiritual guide.

Ray's vision was for a self-sustaining community or sangha of ordinary men and women, "living in the now" as he put it, sharing spiritual companionship, and building capacity to bring the dharma to all sentient beings.

Ray died in 2001, and the school has continued since his passing, having moved from its first home in the Hop Gardens off St. Martin's Lane to YMCA International House (now leased off to an American University), then the Indian Students' YMCA in Fitzroy Square; we are now lodged in the rather marvellously modish Central YMCA Club a stone's throw from Tottenham Court Road Underground.

Everyone is welcome without formality, and you can attend when you like and are able to. We work to "an open agenda", relying for inspiration and impetus on the Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle ,who wrote a book under this title, was one of Ray's five most influential teachers) so there is no loss of continuity if you can't come.

Meetings are on the second Saturday in each calendar month throughout the year, from 1 pm until 4.pm.

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