Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Injury Compensation

I read recently of a soldier, badly crippled in a recent conflict, who is appealing against what he considers to be an inequitable compensatory settlement of just over £150,000 for loss of legs, spleen, brain injury etc.

Considering that he was presumably willing to inflict injuries at least as serious on other people, admittedly brown-skinned foreigners, as part of his contracted duties, and knew (in theory, at least) what the risks of the work involved, can one have sympathy with his claim?

As a tax-payer I think enough of my hard-earned cash goes on ill-advised not to say immoral military adventures abroad, wars I didn't agree we should wage, and marched in protest against (NT Forum 2002 passim),so I'm definitely not at all disposed to fork out more. What do you think?

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