Monday, August 13, 2007

I've seen the future, and it err, umm.....

Advertising a Two-Day Conference on Mental Health Service Development, September 2007
(Health Services Journal)

"In an evolving mental health landscape now is the time to be smart and efficient. Operating in a dynamic, modernised NHS brings new challenges for mental health services. When faced with a new business world, mindsets and ways of working must be adapted, and corporate skills flexed to achieve the service transformation required to survive in this commercial environment.

Day One - Corporate Development

Thinking of the NHS as a business whilst maintaining a focus on “customer” care within mental health is no easy task. This day will drill down into the business planning and market management required to effectively compete in a commercial environment. Hear how to achieve flexibility, efficiency and financial stability as a Mental Health Foundation Trust in the absence of PbR. Learn how to respond to the diverse needs of your local population and gain meaningful membership. Acquire insight into the mechanisms available to drive efficiency and embrace these business challenges, including the establishment of robust governance and adoption of lean methodology.

Day Two - Service Transformation

At the heart of service transformation sits workforce redesign and effective commissioning; this day has been designed to provide you with the tools and information to rise to these challenges. In today’s NHS whole systems commissioning is imperative to service transformation. Learn how to make this a reality in mental health, whilst leveraging tools such as PBC to drive care closer to home. Hear also how to commission for public health outcomes, paramount to achieving health promotion in mental health, and use commissioning as an opportunity to increase the plurality of mental health providers and deliver real service user choice. For workforce and capacity planning to meet future demands on mental health services, roles must be redesigned and new ways of working applied. Hear how to embrace new ways of working to manage the primary/secondary care interface and establish effective partnerships with multiple agencies to maximise collaboration. With race equality high on the current agenda, gain experience-driven guidance on utilising your workforce to meet these needs and ensure equal access to all services and cultural sensitivity at all levels."

Peter comments: I reckon PbR means "Payment by Results", and I think PBC refers to the arrangement whereby patients get a sum of money to buy services they want, rather than getting what they're given. I can't remember exactly what the letters stand for, "Personal Budget for Care"?

The language sounds rather odd, but the thinking seems sound enough, if a bit overheated. I'd be a bit concerned that the hyperbolic way ideas are expressed may get in the way of implementing them. And some terms seem euphemisms for redundancy e.g. "lean methodologies". On the other hand, 'more efficient methods' is three words, 'lean methodologies' is two. Maybe that's what they mean. Why am I thinking of a certain tower in Pisa...?

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