Monday, October 15, 2007

Silver Sangha

Do visit this new blog which is dedicated to the desiccated, and may or may not offer a Buddhist self-assessment on the sublime abidings of prostatism, age-associated propensity to meditation-cushion deep-vein thrombosis, or advice on how to receive alms via your PEG-feed.

The associated picture shows advanced practitioners who have attained the jnana of meditative absorption into alternate Thursday mornings at the Orthotic Clinic in the David Blunkett Wing of the Bolton Royal Infirmary Manchester Metropolitan University Foundation Hospital NHS Trust This Is Strictly A No Smoking Hospital Including Approach Roads And Adjacent Shrubbery All Car Parks Restaurants And Cafeteria Bus Shelters And Fire Assembly Points PLC: Our Motto, "Your Health Is Our Business And Do You Have A Problem With That?"

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