Monday, October 8, 2007

Walk on the bright side...?

Would one of your supporters be able to find 10 people to take part in 'Walking On The Bright Side'?

'Walking On The Bright Side' is an idea generated by Lesley Lay (who's not involved with the Buddhist Hospice Trust) that a 'supporter' from every hospice in the UK will plan a 10k sponsored walk for their hospice, with a group of 10 or more walkers each raising a minimum of £50 each. Each group of walkers will set of off on Sunday 18th November 2007 @ 1030am in their local area.

Lesley says, "I’m saying ‘a supporter’ because I’m conscious of the pressures on fundraising departments and this walk doesn’t need to add to their workload."

"The aim is to provide an opportunity for all hospices in the UK, at the same time on the same day, to be recognised for the amazing work they do and the wonderful services they provide, whilst at the same time allowing them an additional opportunity to raise much needed funds."

"I am not personally connected to a specific hospice, but in September 2006 I lost my sister-in-law to pancreatic cancer. Gill's last few days were spent in a hospice where she was able to die with dignity and was shown so much love and care, and also where we as a family were treated with such humanity."

"In Gill's memory, and as a way to express my heart felt thanks for the care she and thousands of others like her receive every year, I would love to be able to provide an opportunity to give something back to hospices."

"I am therefore asking for someone associated with your hospice to undertake to organise a 'Walking On The Bright Side' walk."

"For further information please look at the 'WalkingOnTheBrightSide' website where you will be able to register your interest in taking part. Registration will allow me to gauge the level of interest in this event and will also enable me to make further contact regarding the amount of money raised nationally."

"It would be fantastic if every hospice in the UK is able to 'Walk on the Bright Side'."

If you want to take up Lesley's invitation on our behalf, and to benefit the Buddhist Hospice Trust, the trustees would naturally be delighted, and I would do what I can to support the initiative, either by joining a walk or organising my own. I can't promise to walk 10 km as my knees won't allow it, but I would certainly try 5 km. Would anyone sponsor me?

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